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Image Consultancy

Talking Image is a London-based personal image consultancy and training provider that also specialises in contemporary English manners. By defining your personal brand, we help you to create the look you want to project, whether it is in your social or professional life. Enhancing your image is our business and we understand that to achieve this, it is essential to take into account your personality, lifestyle and health. Only by so doing is it possible to ensure that all our clients feel confident about themselves and always look their best. 

Personal Image Consultation

Consultations include personal branding, colour analysis, make-up, style and wardrobe analysis.

Wardrobe Planning

Get a personal home visit from Toshiko to help you to sort your wardrobe.

Personal Shopper

Toshiko will find the right clothes for you, according to your purpose, budget and time.

Corporate Workshops

Well-presented staff can enhance the overall image of your company.

Training Courses

Training courses are available for anyone wanting to pursue a career in image consultancy.

English Manners & Courses

Your look is up-to-date and attractive: ensure that your manners are as well. Contemporary English Manners Course-Experiential Learning in England.

Homestyle & Collectables

Enhance your home in style with beautiful "Antiques & Antiques-to-be".

Gift Tokens

Make someone's day and give them a gift token for one of our services.

Toshiko's Tips

Useful tips that can easily be implemented in your daily life.